All are three-year terms, starting January 1, 2013 ending December 31, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

Elected by convention:

Board of Trustees
Suzanne Dewalt, Calvary, East Liberty; Leon L. Haley, Holy Cross; Homewood; Robert Johnston, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

Cathedral Chapter
The Rev. Michelle Boomgaard, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon; Doug Starr, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

Commission on Ministry
The Rev. Timothy Hushion, Trinity Cathedral

Committee on Constitution and Canons
The Rev. Richard Pollard, All Saints, Bridgeville; Lewis R. (Randy) Amis, Trinity Cathedral

Disciplinary Board
The Rev. Linda Wilson, All Souls, North Versailles; Mary H. (Holly) Craighead, St. Thomas, Oakmont; Sandy Ludman, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

Growth Fund Committee
Nancy Fincke, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

Standing Committee (Four year terms, ending 2016)
The Rev. William Geiger, Christ Church, Indiana; Dana Phillips, St. Thomas, Oakmont

Elected by District:

District 1
Chair: Daryl Walker, All Saints, Brighton Heights; Vice-Chair: Joyce Donadee, St. Brendan's, Franklin Park; Council: The Rev. Kathy LaLonde, St. Paul's, Kittanning

District 2
Chair: Bill Moore, St. Matthew's, Homestead; Vice-Chair: The Rev. Diane Shepard, Redeemer, Squirrel Hill; Trustees: Melanie Kurtz, St. Matthew's, Homestead; Council: The Rev. Carol Henley, Calvary, East Liberty

District 3
Chair: The Rev. Kris McInnes, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon; Vice-Chair: Betsy Hetzler, Nativity, Crafton; Council: The Rev. Lou Hays, St. Paul's, Mt. Lebanon

District 4
Chair: The Rev. Lenny Anderson, St. Francis, Somerset; Vice-Chair: Chris Baumann, St. Thomas, Northern Cambria; Trustees: John Rogers, St. Mark's, Johnstown (to fulfill a term ending in 2014); Council: Joe Baird, St. Peter's, Blairsville

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