(Note: Resolution 2 below contains the text as amended by Convention.)

Two resolutions which have previously been submitted for consideration at the 145th Annual Convention of the diocese have been revised by their sponsors.

The revised Resolution 1 encourages parishes to restore their commitment to the missions asking of the Episcopal Church. The original language of the resolution itself has not changed, however a new rationale statement is offered by sponsors Harold Lewis+ and Jeff Murph+.

Here is the revision that will be voted on at Convention:

(Corrected Explanation)

Resolved, This 145th Diocesan Convention strongly encourage all parishes to give or work toward restoring their commitment to the missions asking of the Episcopal Church for leadership, program and ministry.

Rationale: The Diocesan Convention of 1996, in a decision reflective of the divisions rife in the diocese at the time, passed a resolution to allow parishes to redirect to other recipients funds normally earmarked for The Episcopal Church missions asking, reflecting divisions rife in the diocese at the time. With a new sense of unity and commitment to the Episcopal Church, it seems altogether fitting and proper for us to express our tangible support to the Episcopal Church as well. Moreover, St. Paul's letters reveal the early practice of individual churches giving tithes to support Christian churches and ministry in other places (1 Cor. 16, 2 Cor. 8). In addition, the tithe of a church to Christ's mission outside itself provides a godly example for each member in his or her own personal tithes. And finally, our diocese wishes to support the program and ministry of the Episcopal Church, which has been deeply involved in such ministries as hurricane relief to the Gulf Coast, service to the poor of inner cities and earthquake relief to Haiti, and which has covenants to support missionaries in Mexico, Liberia and the Philippines.

Sponsors: The Rev. Canon Dr. Harold T. Lewis, Calvary Episcopal Church
The Rev. Jeffrey Murph, St. Thomas Memorial Episcopal Church

Resolution 2, calling for the election of a Bishop Diocesan in April 2012, has been revised by the Standing Committee. After listening carefully to the concerns voiced by convention deputies at pre-convention hearings, the Standing Committee is submitting a substitute resolution which calls for the nomination of bishop candidates by a Nominating Committee, to be followed by nomination by petition. The revised resolution also increases the requirements needed to nominate by petition.

Here is the revised text and explanation of Resolution 2:

Approved by the Standing Committee – October 7, 2010
Amended by Convention – October 16, 2010

Be it resolved, that the 145th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh hereby calls for the election of the Eighth Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh at a Special Convention of the Diocese to be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012; and

Be it further resolved that the Standing Committee appoint a Nomination Committee, to prepare a diocesan Profile which shall have been approved by the Standing Committee, and to implement the Standing Committee's Guidelines for nomination of individuals first by the Nomination Committee and then nomination of individuals by Petition, and to present to the Special Convention a ballot with no fewer than four Nominees.

Be it further resolved that the Standing Committee appoint a Transition Committee, to work with Bishop and Mrs. Price, the diocesan staff, the Standing Committee, the Nomination Committee, and other diocesan officers and organizations, and the Bishop-elect and his or her family, to manage the pre-election process, the election, the celebration of Bishop Price's ministry, and the welcoming and ordination/consecration of a new bishop; and

Be it further resolved that the Standing Committee, in consultation with the Office of Pastoral Development of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church, appoint a Diocesan Consultant, to advise diocesan leadership and the Nomination and Transition Committees and to provide ongoing resources and support; and

Be it further resolved that the Standing Committee prepare a budget for expenses related to all aspects of diocesan transition and the election and consecration of a new bishop and submit that budget to the Board of Trustees for approval and funding by special allocation from diocesan reserves.


The Rt. Rev. Kenneth L. Price, Jr., Bishop Provisional of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, has indicated to the Standing Committee his intention to complete his service in Pittsburgh in the summer or fall of 2012, and has, with the concurrence of the Standing Committee, called for the election of the Eighth Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.

After considerable deliberation, following consultation with the Rt. Rev. Clay Matthews, Director of the Office of Pastoral Development of the House of Bishops, and in light of discussions at three Pre-convention Meetings, the Standing Committee recommends this process leading to the election of our next bishop.

The Nomination Committee will develop a broad and open process of diocesan conversation leading to the creation of a Profile. Following the publication of the Profile, which shall have been approved by the Standing Committee, the Nomination Committee will begin the process of assembling a ballot of no fewer than four nominees to be presented to the Special Convention on April 21, 2012. There will be two modes of nomination.

The first mode of nomination will be Nomination by the Nomination Committee. Any person within or beyond the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh may present a name (including self-nomination) for consideration by the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee may also recruit actively by soliciting submission of nominations through the Church Deployment Office or any other means. Prayerfully informed by the Diocesan Profile, the Nomination Committee will develop its own procedures to consider these nominees.

The second mode of nomination will be Nomination by Petition, which requires ten signatures from individuals of three or more parishes. Following the announcement of the Nominees presented by the Nomination Committee there will be a three week period during which any four canonically resident clergy, with any six laypersons who are communicants in good standing in parishes of the diocese, three of whom must be deputies to the Diocesan Convention, may submit a Nominating Petition in writing to the Nomination Committee. No person may sign more than one petition. Assuming successful completion of background checks and completion of the materials required by the Nomination Committee, those nominated by Petition will be included on the ballot presented to the Special Convention.

The Nomination Committee will complete the necessary background checks and clearances for all Nominees and will work with all Nominees, those presented by the Committee and those presented by Petition, to prepare biographical and other informational materials to introduce all Nominees to the people of the diocese. The Transition Committee will arrange for "Walk-About" opportunities for the Clergy, Lay Deputies, and other members of the diocese to meet the Nominees prior to the election.

Convention convenes with its first business session at 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 15, at Trinity Cathedral.

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