Two groups have been appointed to prepare important business to be taken up at the 2010 Diocesan Convention.

Nominations Committee: District 2: David Dix; District 3: David Laughlin; District 4: Celinda Scott; District 5: the Rev. Kris Opat; District 7 and Chair: Jim McGough; District 8: the Rev. Linda Tardy Wilson and Robert Pratt. Diocesan Administrator and resource: Joan Gundersen.

Resolutions Committee: the Rev. Jay Geisler, St. Stephen's, McKeesport; the Rev. Leslie Reimer, Calvary Church, Shadyside; and John Roberts, Chair, St. Francis, Somerset.

The 145th Diocesan Convention will take place October 15-16 at Trinity Cathedral. The deadlines for Nominations and Certification of Lay Deputies are approaching. Click here for more.

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