On Wednesday, June 16, in preparation for the 2010 Camping season, Bishop Price commissioned more than 80 staff members of Sheldon Calvary Camp with the following prayer:

God of all wisdom and knowledge, give your blessing guidance to all who teach and lead the children of your Church, that by word and example they may lead them to the knowledge and love of you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Bishop then raised his hand and said, "In the Name of God and the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, I now commission you as the official staff of Camp Calvary for the summer of 2010."

The staff responded with a loud "AMEN!"

A Note From The Calvary Camp Board:

This past Sunday was a very important day. It marked the beginning of the 74th Summer Camping season at Sheldon Calvary Camp. During the course of the day, camp leaders welcomed new and returning campers as all staff members anxiously awaited the beginning of the season and hundreds of campers excited to experience the spirit of Calvary Camp.

If you have a minute or two, please stop, think and pray about our ministry. Think about the life changing experience that is Calvary Camp. Pray for a safe and enjoyable summer season for our leaders, our staff and our campers. Thank God that we have an opportunity to continue the tradition that was started 74 summers ago.

We are indeed blessed to be able to provide an environment where spiritual growth is encouraged and self-esteem is fostered. Thank God that we are building a "Christian community which nurtures friendship, models the acceptance of individual differences and values all of God's creation."

In Christ,
David H. Dix, President, Board of Directors, Sheldon Calvary Camp

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