Election results, as announced at Convention October 17 by the Judge of Elections, Diane Duntley:

The Array: The Rev. Kristian Opat, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon, re-elected; Betsy Hetzler, Church of the Nativity; Pamela J. Mayer, St. Mark’s

Board of Trustees: Lawrence M. Knapp, Calvary Episcopal Church; David Quinn, Church of the Nativity, re-elected; Gwen Santiago, (2011)

Cathedral Chapter: The Rev. Scott Quinn, Church of the Nativity, re-elected; Robert W. Goode, Church of the Redeemer

Committee on Canons: The Rev. Philip Wainwright, St. Peter’s, Brentwood, re-elected; Lionel Deimel, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon, re-elected

Growth Fund: Nancy Fincke, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon

Standing Committee: The Rev. Dr. Bruce Robison, St. Andrew’s; Jon Delano, St. Paul’s, Mt. Lebanon

District Elections:

District 2 (with 1): Daryl Walker, chair; David Dix, vice-chair; the Rev. Christine McIlvain, Diocesan Council

District 3: The Rev. Stephen Smalley, chair; Kristin Smalley, vice-chair and Diocesan Council (2010 unexpired term); David Laughlin, Board of Trustees

District 4: John Hose, chair; George Zitnay, vice-chair; John Roberts, Diocesan Council

District 5 (with 10): Jon Delano, chair; the Rev. Scott Quinn, vice-chair; the Rev. Chuck Weiss, Diocesan Council

District 7: Carole Stanier, chair; the Rev. Lynn Edwards, vice-chair; the Rev. Leslie Reimer, Diocesan Council; Larry Howard, Board of Trustees

District 8: the Rev. Dr. Jay Geisler, chair; Jim Kelly, vice-chair; Robert Pratt, Diocesan Council; Dana Phillips, Board of Trustees

Unless otherwise noted, those elected to diocesan-wide offices will serve a three-year term expiring in 2012. In most cases, terms begin the first of each year.


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